‘Flying taxis’ to be tested during Paris Olympics: Minister

The VoloCity air taxi will be authorised for test flights during the Olympics. France’s transport minister said Wednesday that so-called “flying taxis”—large futuristic drones capable of transporting several people—would be authorized for use on an experimental basis during the Paris Olympics. “We are going to experiment with this world-first during the Olympic Games. It’s a […]

Virtual reality as a reliable shooting performance-tracking tool

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Virtual reality technology can do more than teach weaponry skills in law enforcement and military personnel, a new study suggests: It can accurately record shooting performance and reliably track individuals’ progress over time. In the study of 30 people with a range of experience levels in handling a rifle, researchers at […]

Tunisian all-women’s team eye inventors’ prize for smart wheelchair

Tunisian engineers Khaoula Ben Ahmed and Souleima Ben Tamime work on their team’s new wheelchair system. A smart wheelchair system built by a team of young Tunisian women engineers has reached the finals for a prestigious European inventors’ prize, setting a hopeful precedent in a country embroiled in multiple crises. Their project, Moovobrain, allows wheelchair […]

AI and holography bring 3D augmented reality to regular glasses

Through holography and AI, these glasses can display full-color, 3D moving images over an otherwise direct view of the real world. Credit: Andrew Brodhead Researchers in the emerging field of spatial computing have developed a prototype augmented reality headset that uses holographic imaging to overlay full-color, 3D moving images on the lenses of what would […]

Researcher explains why we should care more about converging technologies

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Professor Dirk Helbing of ETH Zurich and Austria’s Complexity Science Hub expects future digital technologies to penetrate the human body even more in the future. However, he believes that society is not prepared for the risks involved. In a new article, he puts forward a new legal framework to protect our […]

Refined AI approach improves noninvasive brain-computer interface performance

Achieving a noteworthy milestone to advance noninvasive brain-controlled interfaces, researchers used AI technology to improve the decoding of human intention and control a continuously moving virtual object all by thinking about it, with unmatched performance. Credit: Carnegie Mellon University Pursuing a viable alternative to invasive brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) has been a continued research focus of […]

Tractor-trailers with no one aboard? The future is near for self-driving trucks on US roads

A self-driving tractor trailer maneuvers around a test track in Pittsburgh, Thursday, March 14, 2024. The truck is owned by Pittsburgh-based Aurora Innovation Inc. Late this year, Aurora plans to start hauling freight on Interstate 45 between the Dallas and Houston areas with 20 driverless trucks. Credit: AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar On a three-lane test […]

Machine learning and extended reality used to train welders

The researchers modified the welding helmet by fixing it to the Meta Quest Pro XR headset and interfaced the Seeed ESP32S3 board to a Unity software program running the XR display, using the Quest Pro’s USB-C port and the Serial Port Utility Pro plugin. The adjustable Quest head strap and connected battery replace the traditional […]

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