Algorithms in the Arctic: Removing bad weather from images to make Arctic shipping safer

Researchers collect ice samples, while colleagues on board the research ship Kronprins Haakon keep watch for polar bears. Credit: Daniel Albert, SINTEF Arctic shipping traffic is on the increase. One day, these ships will be autonomous. New technology that can remove rain, snow and fog from the images produced by the ship’s cameras and sensors […]

Voice at the wheel: Study introduces an encoder-decoder framework for AI systems

CAVG is structured around an Encoder-Decoder framework, comprising encoders for Text, Emotion, Vision, and Context, alongside a Cross-Modal encoder and a Multimodal decoder. Credit: Communications in Transportation Research, Tsinghua University Press Recently, the team led by Professor Xu Chengzhong and Assistant Professor Li Zhenning from the University of Macau’s State Key Laboratory of Internet of […]

Child pedestrians, self-driving vehicles: What’s the safest scenario for crossing the road?

Crossing roads for children can be a risky calculation, especially when the vehicles are self-driven. In a new study, University of Iowa researchers determined pre-teenage children are safest when self-driving vehicles signaled their intent to yield with a green light when they arrived at the intersection, then stopped. Credit: Tim Schoon, University of Iowa Crossing […]

Advancing the safety of AI-driven machinery requires closer collaboration with humans

Examples of off-road mobile machinery in the Innovative Hydraulics and Automation (IHA) laboratory at Tampere University. Credit: IHA Laboratory, Tampere University An ongoing research project at Tampere University aims to create adaptable safety systems for highly automated off-road mobile machinery to meet industry needs. Research has revealed critical gaps in compliance with legislation related to […]

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