Thermoelectric devices may solve overheating issues in shrinking transistors, researchers say

Integrated TED for in-chip transient thermal management. Credit: Nature Communications (2024). DOI: 10.1038/s41467-024-48583-9 The electronics industry faces a new challenge. While transistors in computer chips are shrinking, the heat they produce is only increasing. Overheating can cause reduced circuit performance, increased leakage power or even the total breakdown of transistors. A team of researchers from […]

Researchers enhance performance of hafnia-based memory devices by doping ferroelectric materials with aluminum

Schematic of the ferroelectric memory device, showing QLC behavior and the operation method. Credit: POSTECH A research team has significantly enhanced the data storage capacity of ferroelectric memory devices. By utilizing hafnia-based ferroelectric materials and an innovative device structure, their findings, published on June 7 in the journal Science Advances, mark a substantial advancement in […]

Computer vision method characterizes electronic material properties 85 times faster than conventional approach

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Boosting the performance of solar cells, transistors, LEDs, and batteries will require better electronic materials, made from novel compositions that have yet to be discovered. To speed up the search for advanced functional materials, scientists are using AI tools to identify promising materials from hundreds of millions of chemical formulations. In […]

Aerogel-based phase change materials improve thermal management, reduce microwave emissions in electronic devices

As a result of the bionic design of the neural network-like aerogel-based composite PCMs, both microwave absorption and thermal management are increased, and in colder climates the solar-thermal conversion can be used to heat devices for normal start-up and keep the device closer to an optimal performance temperature. Credit: Beijing Normal University and University of […]

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