Intel suspends expansion of factory plan in Israel

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Intel is halting the expansion of a major factory project in Israel, which was going to pump an extra $15 billion towards a chip plant. The chip giant in December said it was going to expand an ongoing $10 billion plan at the Kiryat Gat site, in the south of the […]

Chip giant TSMC’s April revenue jumps 60% on-year

TSMC is one of the world’s leading semiconductor companies. Taiwanese chip giant TSMC said on Friday that April revenue jumped nearly 60 percent on-year, riding a huge wave of demand for the advanced semiconductors used in AI hardware. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company controls more than half the world’s output of chips, and supplies them for […]

Q&A: How advanced chip packaging can help redesign the future of semiconductors

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain The phrase “advanced chip packaging” might conjure images of a fancy Pringles can. For those who manufacture semiconductors—also known as integrated circuits, chips or microchips—it represents a new frontier, a race to design and mass produce the next generation of semiconductors that use less energy while delivering more computing power. Traditionally […]

US to give Micron $6.1 bn for American chip factories

US lawmakers have approved billions of dollars to support the onshoring of semiconductor production. Micron is set to receive up to $6.1 billion in grants from the US government to help build its semiconductor plants in New York and Idaho, President Joe Biden said on Thursday. The announcement came as he traveled to Syracuse, New […]

China, future HQ: New ASML boss faces bulging in-tray

ASML employs around 42,000 in the world. Frenchman Christophe Fouquet takes the reins of Dutch chip giant ASML on Wednesday with a daunting to-do list, top of which will be steering business with China as semiconductors become a geopolitical battleground. ASML’s strategic importance in manufacturing machines to make ultra-thin microchips that power much of the […]

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