Exploring the impact of AI on socioeconomic inequalities

Credit: CC0 Public Domain An interdisciplinary review of how generative artificial intelligence (AI) may change work, education, health care, information, and misinformation focuses on the technology’s potential impacts on social equality. Valerio Capraro and colleagues find that in each domain, generative AI has potential to both ameliorate and worsen inequality. The findings are published in […]

No, AI doesn’t mean human-made music is doomed

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Recently we have seen the launch of artificial intelligence programs such as SOUNDRAW and Loudly that can create musical compositions in the style of almost any artist. We’re also seeing big stars use AI in their own work, including to replicate others’ voices. Drake, for instance, landed in hot water in […]

ChatGPT a mentor for Japan’s 89-year-old app developer

Japanese 89-year-old Tomiji Suzuki started coding in retirement and is now making apps for the fast-growing elderly demographic. Japanese 89-year-old Tomiji Suzuki started coding in retirement and is now making apps for the fast-growing elderly demographic, using ChatGPT to fine-tune his skills. So far, Suzuki has developed 11 free iPhone apps to help Japan’s aging […]

Exploring how AI can be applied to the business needs of the electric power industry

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain A recent study published in IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution explores how artificial intelligence—in particular machine learning techniques—can be leveraged as powerful tools for the electric power and energy industry, and for managing its assets. By showcasing practical applications and success stories, the study demonstrates the growing acceptance of machine learning […]

AI to ‘transform’ gaming but costly, Ubisoft CEO tells

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Generative AI will profoundly change how video games are created and played, but its capital costs are a serious hurdle, the CEO of French gaming giant Ubisoft told AFP on Monday. Speaking at a Los Angeles event showcasing upcoming releases, Yves Guillemot said generative AI, or Gen AI, could make open-world […]

Opinion: OpenAI’s content deal with Financial Times is an attempt to avoid legal challenges—and an AI ‘data apocalypse’

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain OpenAI’s new “strategic partnership” and licensing agreement with the Financial Times (FT) follows similar deals between the US tech company and publishers such as Associated Press, German media giant Axel Springer and French newspaper Le Monde. OpenAI will license the FT’s content to use as training data for its products, including […]

Dove’s latest ‘Real Beauty’ drive—and why AI will be harder to ditch than it thinks

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Beauty brand Dove recently announced it would not use models generated by artificial intelligence (AI) in its advertising campaigns. But is this really an anti-AI stance or merely the marketing of “inclusive” and “realistic” AI-generated images? In other words, is Dove attempting to shape the beauty ideals AI shows consumers, rather […]

Can AI-powered drive-throughs save the day for fast food operators?

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain It didn’t take long for Harshraj Ghai to respond to the impact of California’s new $20 an hour minimum wage for his 3,700 fast-food employees. Ghai and his family operate 180 Burger Kings, Taco Bells and Popeyes chicken restaurants across the state, and one of the first things they did after […]

How to build and protect skills in our modern workplace, a world filled with AI and robots

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Researcher and technologist Matt Beane, an assistant professor in the Technology Management Department at UC Santa Barbara, is calling attention to an immediate and hidden concern in the modern workplace—and offering a surprising path forward. In his new book, “The Skill Code: How to Save Human Ability in an Age of […]

US newspapers sue OpenAI, Microsoft over AI chatbots

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Eight US newspapers sued OpenAI and Microsoft in a New York federal court Tuesday for violating their copyright to train the technology behind the ChatGPT and Copilot chatbots. The newspapers, which include The New York Daily News and The Chicago Tribune, are owned by Alden Global Capital, a Florida-based hedge fund […]

Microsoft expands its AI empire abroad

The overnight success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT thrust generative AI as Silicon Valley’s latest tech revolution, lifting Microsoft, OpenAI’s main backer, to become the world’s most valuable company. Microsoft, the tech titan most closely associated with AI, has announced nearly $10 billion in investments in artificial intelligence abroad in recent months, the price it is willing […]

Microsoft claims that small, localized language models can be powerful as well

Comparison of harmful response percentages by Microsoft AI Red Team between phi-3-mini before and after the safety alignment. Note that the harmful response percentages in this chart are inflated numbers as the red team tried to induce phi-3-mini in an adversarial way to generate harmful responses through multi-turn conversations. Credit: arXiv (2024). DOI: 10.48550/arxiv.2404.14219 Microsoft […]

Cisco Systems joins Microsoft, IBM in Vatican pledge to ensure ethical use and development of AI

Pope Francis holds his weekly general audience in St. Peter’s Square, at the Vatican, Wednesday, April 24, 2024. Credit: AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino Tech giant Cisco Systems on Wednesday joined Microsoft and IBM in signing onto a Vatican-sponsored pledge to ensure artificial intelligence is developed and used ethically and to benefit the common good. Cisco Systems […]

Most executives already using generative AI tools, survey shows

Credit: AI-generated image Despite popular concern about generative AI making jobs redundant, a new survey by INSEAD shows employees and business leaders alike are enthusiastic about the transformative technology. In fact, two out of three respondents are already using it in their personal and professional lives. Conducted last summer, the survey of more than 1,200 […]

Insider Q&A: Trust and safety exec talks about AI and content moderation

Credit: AP Illustration/Jenni Sohn Alex Popken was a longtime trust and safety executive at Twitter focusing on content moderation before leaving in 2023. She was the first employee there dedicated to moderating Twitter’s advertising business when she started in 2013. Now, she’s vice president of trust and safety at WebPurify, a content moderation service provider […]

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