Do deep networks ‘see’ as well as humans?

Do deep networks ‘see’ as well as humans?

In the Thatcher Effect (left), two inverted versions of Margaret Thatcher look deceptively similar, but look dramatically different if you rotate this page upside-down. By comparing the distance between such upright and inverted faces in deep networks, the authors were able to track whether the Thatcher effect arises in deep...

Brain-on-a-chip would need little training

Advances in artificial intelligence technology is leading to the development of neural networks that mimic the biology of the brain. Credit: KAUST A neural network that mimics the biology of the brain can be loaded onto a microchip for faster and more efficient artificial intelligence. A biomimicking "spiking" neural network...

Researchers use AI to empower environmental regulators

Brick kiln chimneys outside Dhaka, Bangladesh. Credit: Nina Brooks Like superheroes capable of seeing through obstacles, environmental regulators may soon wield the power of all-seeing eyes that can identify violators anywhere at any time, according to a new Stanford University-led study. The paper, published the week of April 19 in...

A tool for navigating complex computer instructions

A tool for navigating complex computer instructions

Credit: Intel We've come a long way since Intel introduced the first microprocessor in 1971. Their 4004 held 2,300 transistors, with today's best chips exceeding billions, harnessing more and more power since their birth. But every time Intel releases a new computer chip, it's a costly investment, as they need...

People may trust computers more than humans

People may trust computers more than humans

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Despite increasing concern over the intrusion of algorithms in daily life, people may be more willing to trust a computer program than their fellow humans, especially if a task becomes too challenging, according to new research from data scientists at the University of Georgia. From choosing...

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