Modeling MOSFET behavior using automatic differentiation

Modeling MOSFET behavior using automatic differentiation

The electrical characteristic model is composed of multiple nonlinear equations. In order to apply AD, this is represented by a directed acyclic graph. Each vertex represents an arithmetic operation such as four arithmetic operations, logarithms, and exponents, and each node represents intermediate variables. Optimizing model parameters to minimize the difference...

Blind and sighted readers have sharply different takes on what content is most useful to include in a chart caption

Three columns containing various graphics. The first contains the canonical Flatten the Curve coronavirus chart and two textual descriptions of that chart, color-coded according to the four levels of the semantic content model presented in the paper. The second contains a corpus visualization of 2,147 sentences describing charts, also color-coded,...

Turning an analysis of Asimov’s Foundation into art

Credit: Janosov and Borsi. In recent years, numerous computer scientists and artists worldwide have worked on projects that merge digital art and computer science. For instance, some introduced computational models that can create original artworks, while others used data analysis tools to examine literary works or paintings. Milan Janosov Ph.D.,...

A framework to enhance deep learning using first-spike times

Photograph of the BrainScaleS-2 chip used for the emulation. This mixed-signal neuromorphic research chip is used for various projects in Heidelberg and thanks to its analog accelerator the platform is characterized by speed and energy-efficiency. Credit: Researchers at Heidelberg University and University of Bern have recently devised a technique...

Making self-driving cars human-friendly

A trial participant in the VR studio at the University of Leeds. Credit: University of Leeds Automated vehicles could be made more pedestrian-friendly thanks to new research which could help them predict when people will cross the road. University of Leeds-led scientists investigating how to better understand human behavior in...

New model management tool leads to better productivity

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain In complex multi-domain systems, like robots, experts from different fields combine several models to develop or improve the system. Model management can reduce inconsistencies, and therefore Ph.D. student Weslley Torres built a tool called XAMÃ, in which the users can identify which models can be affected...

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