Food on an airline tray.

Can Ultra-Processed Foods Increase Mortality Risk? What We Know

Share on PinterestUltra-processed fodos including ready-made meals and packaged snacks like chips or cookies. Alexander Spatari/Getty Images A new study found that consuming ultra-processed foods may be linked to a slightly higher mortality risk. Ultra-processed foods include a wide variety of items including instant noodles, ready-made meals, and other packaged snacks like chips or cookies […]

Female jogger wears diabetes glucose monitor

Young People with Diabetes May Face Higher Alzheimer’s Risk

Share on PinterestA new study suggests that young adults with diabetes may have a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Courtney Hale/Getty Images A new study suggests that early-onset diabetes may increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Although the study is small, the results line up with previous findings. Controlling diabetes with lifestyle changes or […]

Blockchain could offer a solution to the UK’s transport ticketing systems

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain A new approach to transport ticketing offers a step towards an integrated, transparent system that works efficiently for both ticket providers and passengers across all modes of transport. Traditional ticketing systems are based on solutions that are vulnerable to issues, including a lack of transferability across multi-modal transport networks and an […]

Melissa McCarthy and Barbara Streisand.

Is It OK to Ask Someone If They’re on Weight Loss Drugs Like Ozempic?

Share on PinterestBarbra Streisand recently asked Melissa McCarthy in an Instagram post if she had taken Ozempic, sparking a fierce debate about questions regarding other people’s weight loss journeys. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for BSB A comment Barbra Streisand left on Melissa McCarthy’s Instagram has sparked a debate about weight loss conversations. Streisand asked McCarthy, “Did […]

Biden’s clean energy tax credits likely to remain ‘law of the land’: Brainard

White House national economic advisor Lael Brainard said the IRA clean energy tax credits were now the law of the land. Most of Joe Biden’s clean energy tax credits are now law and are unlikely to be reversed by Donald Trump if he wins November’s presidential election, a senior administration official said Friday. The 2022 […]

Scientists convert chicken fat into energy storage devices

Graphical abstract. Credit: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2024). DOI: 10.1021/acsami.4c02753 The global move toward more sustainable, green energy has increased power reserves and the demand for energy storage devices. Unfortunately, some materials for these devices can be expensive and environmentally problematic. Producing alternative energy storage devices from things that are usually thrown away could […]

Man and woman walk arm in arm on a trail.

This Procedure Can Reduce Key Hunger Hormone and May Spur Weightloss

Share on PinterestA minimally invasive procedure can target a hormone that affects appetite. adamkaz/Getty Images A novel, minimally-invasive procedure that targets the “hunger hormone” ghrelin could someday help treat obesity. The procedure uses endoscopic ablation to burn targeted areas of the stomach lining to reduce the production of ghrelin. Participants in the small, six-month trial […]

Amazon’s new fees on sellers likened to ‘kick in the gut’

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Inc. merchants have found themselves caught in an economic vice. Earlier this year, the e-commerce giant rolled out changes to the fees its charges them—essentially shifting more of its operating costs onto the small businesses that account for most of the products sold on the site. Making matters worse for […]

A new approach to using neural networks for low-power digital pre-distortion in mmWave systems

Overview of the proposed architecture for digital pre-distortion (DPD), connected in between the baseband layer (BB) and the analog front-end (AFE). The top part operates continuously during transmission, whereas the bottom part is only involved in updating the calibration coefficients. Credit: Ludovico Minati / Tokyo Tech In a study published in the journal IEICE Electronics […]

Catching additive manufacturing defects with nanoseconds to spare

Additive manufacturing has significant potential to strengthen the United States’ manufacturing base, but defects within additively manufactured parts are preventing widespread adoption. Johns Hopkins APL experts are addressing this issue by developing sensors capable of identifying and preventing these defects before they occur. Credit: Johns Hopkins APL The United States is on the cusp of […]

The end of the package holiday provider? Blockchain technology could revolutionize travel experiences

Credit: Tourism Management (2023). DOI: 10.1016/j.tourman.2023.104871 Forget the middleman—blockchain technology could lead to the end of the traditional package holiday provider, putting power back into the hands of customers, according to a new study from the University of Surrey. The research looked into user acceptance of blockchain-based sharing platforms similar to Airbnb. The study found […]

Global analysis of 30M hydrogen energy tweets shows increase from 2015 Paris Agreement

Credit: Social Network Analysis and Mining (2024). DOI: 10.1007/s13278-023-01194-6 Australia’s hydrogen energy-related discussion on Twitter (now X) is now ranked seventh globally, according to an analysis of 30.7 million tweets conducted by QUT researchers. The multi-lingual study’s first author Ph.D. researcher Deepak Uniyal, who conducted the study with Professor Richi Nayak from the School of […]

Making batteries takes lots of lithium: Almost half of it could come from Pennsylvania wastewater

Map of study area showing the Marcellus shale extent, well locations using in decline curve analysis (DCA), PW samples used in this study, and previous USGS sample locations. Credit: Scientific Reports (2024). DOI: 10.1038/s41598-024-58887-x Most batteries used in technology like smartwatches and electric cars are made with lithium that travels across the world before even […]

Cyberattack cripples major US health care network

Ascension, a major U.S. health care system with 140 hospitals in 19 states, announced late Thursday that a cyberattack has caused disruptions at some of its hospitals. “Systems that are currently unavailable include our electronic health records system, MyChart (which enables patients to view their medical records and communicate with their providers), some phone systems, […]

AI systems are already skilled at deceiving and manipulating humans, study shows

Example of premeditated deception from Meta’s CICERO in the game Diplomacy. Credit: Patterns/Park Goldstein et al. Many artificial intelligence (AI) systems have already learned how to deceive humans, even systems that have been trained to be helpful and honest. In a review article published in the journal Patterns on May 10, researchers describe the risks […]

Wearable devices can now harvest neural data—urgent privacy reforms needed

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Recent trends show Australians are increasingly buying wearables such as smartwatches and fitness trackers. These electronics track our body movements or vital signs to provide data throughout the day, with or without the help of artificial intelligence (AI). There’s also a newer product category that engages directly with the brain. It’s […]

Researchers test AI systems’ ability to solve the New York Times’ connections puzzle

Average success rate across all puzzles and seeds for baseline models and LLMs, broken down by puzzle category (note that CoT indicates the use of chain-of-thought prompting). Categories increase in difficulty going from yellow to green to blue to purple. Credit: arXiv (2024). DOI: 10.48550/arxiv.2404.11730 Can artificial intelligence (AI) match human skills for finding obscure […]

Honda posts record profit, issues cautious forecasts

Honda has made big outlays as it aggressively pursues an ambitious target of acheiving 100 percent electric vehicle sales. Japanese auto giant Honda on Friday logged a record annual profit thanks to improving global vehicle sales, but issued a cautious outlook for the current fiscal year. The company said net profit for the year to […]

Chip giant TSMC’s April revenue jumps 60% on-year

TSMC is one of the world’s leading semiconductor companies. Taiwanese chip giant TSMC said on Friday that April revenue jumped nearly 60 percent on-year, riding a huge wave of demand for the advanced semiconductors used in AI hardware. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company controls more than half the world’s output of chips, and supplies them for […]

Apple apologizes for iPad ‘Crush’ ad after backlash

Apple said it won’t air the iPad ‘Crush’ ad on television as planned. Apple apologized on Thursday after an ad for its latest-edition iPad caused an uproar for showing an industrial press crushing objects linked to human creativity, infuriating artists. Social media users immediately criticized the ad, which was posted on X by Apple CEO […]

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

RFK Jr. Says Parasitic Worm Left Him with Brain Damage

Share on PinterestRoy Rochlin/Getty Images Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told the New York Times that a parasitic worm infected his brain and may have caused some of his past health problems. The pork tapeworm can cause a condition called neurocysticercosis, which leads to symptoms such as seizures and headaches and can occasionally […]

Q&A: Researcher discusses the importance of visualizing undersea fiber-optic cables

Hundreds of fiber-optic submarine cables crisscrossing the ocean floor transport 99% of transoceanic and international telecommunications traffic. Shown here are two cables landing in Figi. Credit: Nicole Starosielski The internet is kind of like drinking water, says UC Berkeley Professor Nicole Starosielski. Most of us don’t think much about how it’s delivered to our houses or wherever […]

Teenagers standing in a school hallway.

Colorectal Cancer Rates Falling in Older Adults but Rising in Children

Share on PinterestNew research finds that while cases of colorectal cancer are declining in older adults, they have significantly increased in children and teens. Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images A new study finds that colorectal cancer in children is on the rise. Case numbers in older adults, however, are on the decline. Learning the signs and symptoms […]

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