Team develops efficient stochastic parallel gradient descent training for on-chip optical processors

(a) Conceptual diagram of the on-chip optical processor for optical switching and channel descrambling in MDM communication systems. (b) Schematic configuration of the integrated reconfigurable optical processor. θ and ϕ mean the phase shift of the phase shifters. MDM: mode-division multiplexing; MUX: multiplexer; DEMUX: demultiplexer. Credit: Opto-Electronic Advances (2024). DOI: 10.29026/oea.2024.230182 A new publication in […]

Holographic displays offer a glimpse into an immersive future

Experimental demonstration of neural étendue expansion. Credit: Nature Communications (2024). DOI: 10.1038/s41467-024-46915-3 Setting the stage for a new era of immersive displays, researchers are one step closer to mixing the real and virtual worlds in an ordinary pair of eyeglasses using high-definition 3D holographic images, according to a study led by Princeton University researchers. Holographic […]

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