Tricking the brain: New dimensions of haptics in virtual reality

André Zenner with the tubular controller “Shifty,” in which a movable weight is installed. Credit: Oliver Dietze, DFKI How can virtual reality (VR) be experienced haptically, i.e., through the sense of touch? This is one of the fundamental questions that modern VR research is investigating. Computer scientist André Zenner, who is based in Saarbrücken, Germany, […]

Researchers develop a new way to instruct dance in virtual reality

The WAVE technique developed by Aalto University researchers is based on anticipating future movement, such as a turn. Credit: Markus Laattala Researchers at Aalto University were looking for better ways to instruct dance choreography in virtual reality. The new WAVE technique they developed will be presented in May at the CHI conference for human-computer interaction […]

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