Censoring creativity: The limits of ChatGPT for scriptwriting

This diagram shows the process by which the researchers audited ChatGPT, using the first episode of Game of Thrones as an example. Credit: Yaaseen Mahomed, Charlie M. Crawford, Sanjana Gautam, Sorelle A. Friedler, Danaë Metaxa Last year, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) labor union, which represents film and TV writers, went on strike for […]

New algorithm discovers language just by watching videos

The algorithm DenseAV learns the meaning of language solely by associating audio and video signals. Credit: Mark Hamilton Mark Hamilton, an MIT Ph.D. student in electrical engineering and computer science and affiliate of MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), wants to use machines to understand how animals communicate. To do that, he set […]

Advanced AI-based techniques scale-up solving complex combinatorial optimization problems

HypOp methods. a,b, Hypergraph modeling (a) and distributed training of HyperGNN (b) in HypOp. Credit: Nature Machine Intelligence (2024). DOI: 10.1038/s42256-024-00833-7 A framework based on advanced AI techniques can solve complex, computationally intensive problems faster and in a more scalable way than state-of-the-art methods, according to a study led by engineers at the University of […]

Meta’s AI can translate dozens of under-resourced languages

Architecture of the LASER3 teacher-student approach. Credit: Nature (2024). DOI: 10.1038/s41586-024-07335-x The technology behind Meta’s artificial intelligence model, which can translate 200 different languages, is described in a paper published in Nature. The model expands the number of languages that can be translated via machine translation. Neural machine translation models utilize artificial neural networks to […]

3D video conferencing tool lets remote user control the view

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Collaborating on a physical object when two people aren’t in the same room can be extremely challenging, but a new remote conferencing system allows the remote user to manipulate a view of the scene in 3D, to assist in complex tasks like debugging complicated hardware. The system, called SharedNeRF, combines two […]

Multiplexed neuron sets make smaller optical neural networks possible

(A) A traditional fully connected neural network. The layers are connected by black lines corresponding to weights. The neurons separately realize the summation and nonlinear activation functions without influencing others. (B) An example of a nonlinear activation function and how it can be conceptually multiplexed in a single device. Credit: Yi-Feng Liu et al. Seeking […]

A new framework to improve high computing performance

Credit: CC0 Public Domain From a luxury to a day-to-day necessity, computing isn’t quite what it used to be. As applications like machine learning and 5G mobile networks become the norm, the need for high computing performance has never been greater. This has also necessitated the development of more energy-efficient and cost-effective systems like “chiplets” […]

AI speech analysis may aid in assessing and preventing potential suicides, says researcher

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Speech is critical to detecting suicidal ideation and a key to understanding the mental and emotional state of people experiencing it. Suicide hotline counselors are trained to quickly analyze speech variation to better help callers through a crisis. But just as no system is perfect, there is room for error in […]

Adobe’s VideoGigaGAN uses AI to make blurry videos sharp and clear

We present VideoGigaGAN, a generative video super-resolution model that can upsample videos with high-frequency details while maintaining temporal consistency. Top: we show the comparison of our approach with TTVSR consistency and BasicVSR++. Our method produces temporally consistent videos with more fine-grained detailed than previous methods. Bottom: our model can produce high-quality videos with 8× super-resolution. […]

Emulating neurodegeneration and aging in artificial intelligence systems

The upper panel is the question asked to LLaMA 2 model, and the lower panels are the answers, displaying an intriguing qualitative decline in understanding and answering the question as one increases the noise from left to right. Compared to the answer on the left, one can see the middle answer still processes the proper […]

With a game show as his guide, researcher uses AI to predict deception

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Using data from a 2002 game show, a Virginia Commonwealth University researcher has taught a computer how to tell if you are lying. “Human behaviors are a rich source of deception and trust cues,” said Xunyu Chen, assistant professor in the Department of Information Systems in VCU’s School of Business. “Utilizing […]

Coordinate-wise monotonic transformations enable privacy-preserving age estimation with 3D face point cloud

Four elementary monotonic functions (exponential, logarithmic, square, and sine) were applied immediately after Coordinate-Wise Rank Transformation (CRT) and normalized to [-1, 1] in a coordinate-wise manner. The three circles on the radar plot correspond to the first-order Model Indistinguishability, the second-order Model Indistinguishability and the Mean Absolute Error of the exp(CRT) model (the largest among […]

New mitigation framework reduces bias in classification outcomes

(A) The “propose-review” scenario between Alice and Bob. (B) Measuring attributes’ pairwise distances. (C) Determining attributes’ bias concentrations. (D) Transforming bias-prone attributes. Credit: Intelligent Computing (2024). DOI: 10.34133/icomputing.0083 We use computers to help us make (hopefully) unbiased decisions. The problem is that machine-learning algorithms do not always make fair classifications if human bias is embedded […]

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