AI strategy may promise more widespread use of portable, robotic exoskeletons—on Earth and in space

Researchers at North Carolina State University have demonstrated a new method that leverages artificial intelligence and computer simulations to train robotic exoskeletons to autonomously help users save energy while walking, running and climbing stairs. Credit: Hao Su, NC State University Safer, more efficient movements for factory workers and astronauts, and improved mobility for people with […]

New AI tool efficiently detects asbestos in roofs so it can be removed

Data pre-processing and inference process overview. The left panel shows the two main data collection steps, while the central panel illustrates how buildings are isolated and centered owing to cadastral data. The right panel exemplifies, first, the classification task, which delivers a number in the range of [0,1] expressing the likelihood of the presence of […]

Researchers propose framework for future network systems

Constructing the ideal network system that are “designed for changes” and “capable of symbiosis and coexistence”. Credit: Jiangxing Wu, Junfei Li, Penghao Sun, Yuxiang Hu, Ziyong In a new study published in Engineering, Wu Jiangxing’s research team unveils a theoretical framework that could revolutionize the landscape of network systems and architectures. The paper titled “Theoretical […]

Scientists pioneer new X-ray microscopy method for data analysis ‘on the fly’

A schematic showing the experimental setup. Credit: Argonne National Laboratory A new streaming technique allows playback of data while it is being generated. When scientists want to look at a tiny structure in a material, even one just a few atoms in size, they frequently turn to X-ray microscopy. X-ray microscopes are advancing to the […]

Researchers develop performance technology for aerial and satellite image extraction

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain The development of the world’s most performant neural network module for accurately extracting objects from aerial and satellite imagery is expected to have wide applications across various fields, according to DGIST and the research team of Dabeeo Inc. With recent advancement of deep learning techniques, a branch of artificial intelligence (AI), […]

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