AI search answers are no substitute for good sources

Credit: CC0 Public Domain If you have used Google lately and been lucky—or unlucky—enough to encounter an answer to your query rather than a bunch of links, you have been subjected to something called AI Overviews. This is a new core feature that Google has been rolling out, a move widely anticipated since the company’s […]

Global analysis of 30M hydrogen energy tweets shows increase from 2015 Paris Agreement

Credit: Social Network Analysis and Mining (2024). DOI: 10.1007/s13278-023-01194-6 Australia’s hydrogen energy-related discussion on Twitter (now X) is now ranked seventh globally, according to an analysis of 30.7 million tweets conducted by QUT researchers. The multi-lingual study’s first author Ph.D. researcher Deepak Uniyal, who conducted the study with Professor Richi Nayak from the School of […]

Q&A: Researcher discusses the importance of visualizing undersea fiber-optic cables

Hundreds of fiber-optic submarine cables crisscrossing the ocean floor transport 99% of transoceanic and international telecommunications traffic. Shown here are two cables landing in Figi. Credit: Nicole Starosielski The internet is kind of like drinking water, says UC Berkeley Professor Nicole Starosielski. Most of us don’t think much about how it’s delivered to our houses or wherever […]

Prototype browser extension adds Wikipedia-like citations on YouTube to curb misinformation

Citations added by study participants on a controversial video, shown in Viblio’s timeline-view. Credit: arXiv (2024). DOI: 10.48550/arxiv.2402.17218 While Google has long been synonymous with search, people are increasingly seeking information directly through video platforms such as YouTube. Videos can be dense with information: text, audio, and image after image. Yet, each of these layers […]

TikTok to start labeling AI-generated content as technology becomes more universal

The TikTok logo is displayed on a mobile phone in front of a computer screen, Oct. 14, 2022, in Boston. TikTok will begin labeling content created using artificial intelligence when it’s uploaded from certain platforms. TikTok says its efforts are an attempt to combat misinformation from being spread on its social media platform. The announcement […]

Gatekeepers of the internet: Why there’s no such thing as ‘free’ internet

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Whether you’re apping someone or scrolling through Instagram… all your online behavior is being monitored. In fact, others decide what you actually see. Ph.D. candidate Aleksandre Zardiashvili investigated the impact of online advertising and the power of the companies behind it. As much as we want to believe it, the internet […]

TikTok challenges potential US ban in court: documents

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain TikTok and its Chinese parent company ByteDance filed a legal challenge against the United States on Tuesday, taking aim at a law that would force the app to be sold or face a US ban. This comes around two weeks after President Joe Biden signed a bill giving TikTok 270 days […]

Breastfeeding moms sent photos, videos to purported lactation consultant on Facebook: Now they fear it was a scam

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Sleep-deprived and anxious about feeding their babies, tens of thousands of moms in Illinois and elsewhere recently turned to a variety of Facebook groups offering support for breastfeeding, pumping breast milk and postpartum care. Direct responses were often remarkably prompt from the creator and admin of these groups, a Facebook user […]

Between one and all: Researchers propose system to control selected devices on network

The sender sends control commands simultaneously to all Internet of Things (IoT) devices on the network through broadcast channel, and only the target entities can execute the commands. Credit: Yokohama National University One or all—that’s the current choice many networks give users when it comes to controlling smart devices. With the evolving Internet of Things […]

US reinstates open internet rules rescinded under Trump

Partial map of the Internet based on the January 15, 2005 data found on Each line is drawn between two nodes, representing two IP addresses. Credit: Wikimedia Commons The US Federal Communications Commission voted on Thursday to reinstate tougher rules to guarantee open access to the internet, reversing a decision made during the Trump […]

US conspiracy website Gateway Pundit declares bankruptcy

The Gateway Pundit is declaring bankruptcy as it faces a string of misinformation lawsuits. US far-right conspiracy website Gateway Pundit is filing for bankruptcy, its founder said Wednesday, as it battles a string of lawsuits alleging it promoted misinformation related to the 2020 election. Parent company TGP Communications is seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in […]

Q&A: How TikTok’s ‘black box’ algorithm and design shape user behavior

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain TikTok’s swift ascension to the upper echelons of social media is often attributed to its recommendation algorithm, which predicts viewer preferences so acutely it’s spawned a maxim: “The TikTok algorithm knows me better than I know myself.” The platform’s success was so pronounced that it has seemed to spur other social […]

A win-win approach: Maximizing Wi-Fi performance using game theory

When new users join an access point (AP), their position, individual throughput, and inteference can impact the performance of the entire network. In this study, the researchers developed an AP connection strategy based on user cooperation, where users are prompted to change their location to improve the overall performance of the system. Credit: Sumiko Miyata […]

Neural networks can mediate between download size and quality, according to researcher

The BONES system will make network requests err on the side of smallness and upscale the difference through a neural network running on the receiving hardware. Credit: Jacob Chakareski et al. Application data requirements vs. available network bandwidth have been the ongoing Battle of the Information Age, but now it appears that a truce is […]

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