Research casts new light on bike safety in the age of self-driving cars

Credit: University of Glasgow Equipping self-driving cars with external displays that use colored lights to communicate their next maneuver could help keep cyclists safe on the roads of the future, researchers say. With autonomous vehicles becoming more common, reducing active human involvement in driving in the process, researchers from the University of Glasgow have been […]

Report finds e-bike incentives are worth the investment

Saanich e-bike incentive program participants said the e-bike opened up a new way to explore Saanich and other communities. Photo credit: District of Saanich. Credit: Photo credit: District of Saanich Electric bicycle rebates have exploded in popularity in North America as transportation planners try to get people out of their cars and into healthier, more […]

How electric vehicle drivers can escape range anxiety

Graphic: Three major mental models and associated refilling strategies were identified in this research: (A) Monitor gage, when low seek refill; this is the primary strategy for liquid fuel refilling. (B) The planning model, predominately used for EV long trips, o. Credit: Chalmers University of Technology | Willett Kempton Two of the biggest challenges faced […]

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