Using 3D printer students design attachment for a quieter leaf blower

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Nate Greene, an engineer at Towson’s Stanley Black & Decker, calls the innovation “extremely atypical.” A group of students from Johns Hopkins University signed onto a class project and were tasked with building a new product for the multinational tool company. And they actually did it. Using a campus 3D printer, […]

Australian engineers develop an ultrasonic cold brew coffee machine

Customized ultrasonic coffee brewing machine. a) Photograph of the machine. b) Schematic of the parts for the ultrasound transmission into the coffee basket. c-f), Photographs of the portafilter (with corresponding window), filter basket, transducer, and the horn, respectively. Credit: Ultrasonics Sonochemistry (2024). DOI: 10.1016/j.ultsonch.2024.106885 A new method to deliver a quality cold brew coffee in […]

Researchers engineer sound-suppressing silk to reduce noise transmission in a large room

Silk fabric samples a) in a hanging state and b) mounted in a circular frame. Credit: Advanced Materials (2024). DOI: 10.1002/adma.202313328 We are living in a very noisy world. From the hum of traffic outside your window to the next-door neighbor’s blaring TV to sounds from a co-worker’s cubicle, unwanted noise remains a resounding problem. […]

Scientists harness the wind as a tool to move objects

Researchers developed a device and algorithm that direct a jet to create an airflow field capable of remotely moving objects along various paths, including circular and complex letter-like trajectories. Credit: Aalto University / Artur Kopitca Researchers have developed a technique to move objects around with a jet of wind. The new approach makes it possible […]

Scientists create new atomic clock that is both ultra-precise and sturdy

Single-clock performance at NIST and at sea. a, The 3 U, 19-inch rackmount iodine optical clock occupies a volume of 35 l and consumes less than 100 W. b, Measured phase noise for the iodine clock. c, Overlapping Allan deviation for the iodine clock operating at NIST and at sea. At short timescales, the instability in a dynamic […]

Researchers develop deep learning alternative to monitoring laser powder bed fusion

Credit: Carnegie Mellon University Mechanical Engineering Many things can go wrong when additively manufacturing (AM) metal and without in-situ process monitoring, defects can only be detected and characterized after a product is built. Most commonly, manufacturers will use a high-speed camera to keep an eye on the melt pool geometry and its variation during a […]

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