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Seven big pits (clvs) in the stock market in the first half of 2022

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1. Bitcoin Sector: 5 (Dakeng Index)

Bitcoin, Coin, various counterfeit and counterfeit coins, mining institutions, traders, have the meaning of being bankrupt.

I haven't done it myself, and I know very little code. It is estimated that young investors fall into this big pit, and it is estimated that there are not many senior shareholders.

2. Tram Sector: (non-TSLA) 4.5 (Dakeng Index)

RIVN, LCID, RIDE, NKLA, WKHS, FSR, EEFI, RMO, about 15 in total, with different names, the same fate, bankruptcy is not the best solution, but it cannot be avoided, just like cancer, you can live another 3 or 5 years not much.

3. Semiconductor Sector: 4 (Dakeng Index)

Many people did not expect this pit. It is the latest pit, represented by NVDA, AMD, and SOXL (triploid). Semiconductor is the housekeeping technology of the United States. Harder to come out.

4. Big Tech Sector: 4 (Dakeng Index)

Once the emperor's daughter and son, do not worry about marrying and marrying, the scenery is 20 years old, first started by the prodigal NFLX, spread to FB, the feng shui is not good, the name can not be changed, META is also an old wine in a new bottle, it is still the same taste, not as good as that , but some high-quality big technology will still make a comeback.

5. Small Technology Sector: 4 (Dakeng Index)

There are too many of these, PLTR, FUBO, AI, WISH, OPEN, HOOD, countless, endless list, many people lose to these garbage, because there are many choices, the stock price is cheap, and it is easy to jump.

6. TSLA Sector: 3.5 (Dakeng Index)

TSLA is currently the best performer, guarding his body like jade, out of the mud and not polluted, but people's expectations for him are too high, and it also hurts many people's hearts, because of the deep love, but once TSLA performs well, it is by no means in the pool. .

7. Epidemic victim sector: 3.5 (Dakeng Index)

Here are mainly some sectors that thought that the epidemic would take off after the end of the epidemic, such as cruise ships, aviation, Boeing, etc. The results were the opposite. Instead of rising, they fell, which is a misjudgment.


*clvs will be going up in the future for long term.

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