Researchers develop novel 3D printing strategy with controllable gradients porous structures

Comparison of traditional- and FDA-3DP strategies. Credit: Ruan Changshun Material extrusion 3D printing technology is widely utilized in biofabrication/bioprinting, tissue engineering, flexible electronics, and soft robotics. However, the fixed printing parameters and constant filament diameter limit the design and fabrication of complex gradient porous structures. Recently, a research team led by Prof. Ruan Changshun from […]

Creating sustainable cooling in southeast Asia using ground source heat pump systems

Researchers showed in a new study that GSHP systems, particularly when integrated with energy piles, offer a sustainable solution for urban development in Southeast Asia. Credit: Shinya Inazumi from SIT, Japan As energy and environmental crises rampage, sustainable solutions like ground source heat pump (GSHP) systems gain traction. GSHP systems use consistent geothermal energy […]

Self-assembling, highly conductive sensors could improve wearable devices

Penn State researchers developed a new soft and stretchable material that can be 3D-printed. The material can be used to fabricate wearable devices, such a sensor that can be worn on a finger, as shown here. Credit: Marzia Momin To advance soft robotics, skin-integrated electronics and biomedical devices, researchers at Penn State have developed a 3D-printed […]

Mechanical computer relies on kirigami cubes, not electronics

North Carolina State University researchers have developed a kirigami-inspired mechanical computer that uses a complex structure of rigid, interconnected polymer cubes to store, retrieve and erase data without relying on electronic components. Credit: Yanbin Li, NC State University North Carolina State University researchers have developed a kirigami-inspired mechanical computer that uses a complex structure of […]

Tomorrow’s super battery for electric cars is made of rock

Making a powder based on potassium silicate. Credit: Frida Gregersen It is the battery in your electric car that determines how far you can drive on one charge and how quickly you can re-charge. However, the lithium-ion battery, the most widely used electric car battery today, has its limitations—in terms of capacity, safety and also […]

Surprising vortex behind new solar cell and lighting materials

Skyrmion-like large hole polaron in the halide double perovskite Cs2AgBiBr6. The arrows show the atomic displacements, and the hole is at the center of this vortex. The displacement field has defined topological character, with integer topological charge and vorticity. Credit: J. Lafuente-Bartolome. Metal-halide perovskites have quickly advanced in the last decade since their discovery as […]

Solar technology: Researchers develop innovative light-harvesting system

The structural formulas of the four merocyanine dyes (left) that form the new light-harvesting system URPB when stacked (right). Credit: Alexander Schulz / University of Wuerzburg In order to convert sunlight into electricity or other forms of energy as efficiently as possible, the very first step is an efficient light-harvesting system. Ideally, this should be […]

Creating 3D shapes from a flat surface using LEDs

Tactile Display Structure and Operation Principle. Credit: Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute(ETRI) A team of South Korean researchers has developed an innovative haptic (tactile) display technology that is attracting global attention. This innovation allows users to physically experience 3D shapes and various textures, opening up potential applications in information delivery devices for the visually impaired, […]

Reaching new heights: AI can help us build better buildings

Challenges of sustainable construction in a global context. Credit: Sustainable Cities and Society (2024). DOI: 10.1016/j.scs.2024.105499 The application of artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the hands-on construction industry and contribute to long-term environmental sustainability in our built environment. A literature review out of City 4.0 Lab’s Urban AI Hub in the QUT […]

Small membrane fan cools electronic devices efficiently and saves energy

Structure of a membrane ventilator. Credit: Strohmeyr, Institute for Design and Production in Precision Engineering, University of Stuttgart Computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices require active cooling to prevent overheating. Typically, devices in the entertainment industry and power electronics are cooled by directing an airflow to specific areas. However, commonly used radial or axial […]

Harvesting unused micro-vibration to generate electricity

Metamaterial developed by KRISS. Credit: Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS) Energy Harvesting is a green technology that captures (or “harvests”) wasted energy and converts it into electricity. The ubiquitous vibrations that surround us are one of the promising sources for energy harvesting. In particular, vibration energy harvesting has recently gained significant attention […]

New yttrium-doping strategy enhances 2D transistors

Theoretical illustration of Yttrium doping-induced 2D metallization ohmic contact technology. Credit: Nature Electronics (2024). DOI: 10.1038/s41928-024-01176-2 Electronics engineers and materials scientists have been trying to identify materials that could help to boost the performance of electronics further, overcoming the inherent limitations of silicon-based transistors. Two-dimensional (2D) semiconductors have advantageous properties that make them promising candidates […]

New method for visualization and prediction of sedimentation in soft-ground drilling

Illustration of effective fluid replacement. Credit: Results in Engineering (2024). DOI: 10.1016/j.rineng.2024.102273 Soft ground is composed of fine particles such as clay and silt. It is particularly prevalent in coastal areas. It can significantly impact the safety and stability of dams and structures, therefore necessitating techniques for enhancing safety, strength, and bearing capacity. In Japan, […]

No assembly required: Innovative 3D printing method streamlines multi-materials manufacturing

University of Missouri researchers have built a machine that combines elements of traditional 3D printing with laser technology to develop multi-material, multi-functional products. Credit: Sam O’Keefe University of Missouri researchers have developed a way to create complex devices with multiple materials—including plastics, metals and semiconductors—all with a single machine. The research, which was recently published […]

New device measures greenhouse gas captured in building material quickly and easily

A multistep process all rolled into one: This new device (right), called the concrete thermal gravimetry and gas analyzer, can carry out the same process in one-third of the time of current methods (left). Credit: Journal of Advanced Concrete Technology (2024). DOI: 10.3151/jact.22.383 A new device can measure carbon dioxide captured in concrete more simply […]

Research aims to help improve defect modeling in composite materials

Perfectly straight and misaligned fibers. Credit: Milad Jafarypouria Researchers from the Skoltech Petroleum Center have presented new results that will improve the predictions of stress redistribution used in strength models of composite materials, which will result in fewer tests and costs needed for their production. The authors upgraded the previously created model by considering the […]

Technology provides new understanding of voice, swallowing physiology

Charles Farbos de Luzan makes adjustments to the research array, as high-speed cameras, lasers and microphones record a wide variety of data. Credit: Andrew Higley/UC Marketing + Brand. With data gleaned from high-speed cameras, coaches can identify split-second flaws in a baseball pitcher’s delivery or a golfer’s swing that cannot be seen by the naked […]

Researchers ‘crack the code’ for quelling electromagnetic interference

Equipped with a breakthrough algorithmic solution, researchers have “cracked the code” on interference when machines need to talk with each other—and people. Credit: Alex Dolce, Florida Atlantic University Florida Atlantic Center for Connected Autonomy and Artificial Intelligence ( researchers have “cracked the code” on interference when machines need to talk with each other—and people. Electromagnetic […]

New success criteria system takes guess work out of large-scale construction projects

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Medium and large-scale construction projects will have a better chance of success if they are able to adhere to a set of success criteria, new research from Edith Cowan University (ECU) found. ECU Lecturer Dr. Neda Kiani Mavi has developed a system that could help builders take the guess work out […]

Engineers integrate wafer-scale 2D materials and metal electrodes with van der Waals contacts

Illustration of electrode transfer and the all-stacking method. a Schematic diagram of the metal electrode peeling off process from fluorophlogopite mica (F-mica) with the van der Waals (vdW) interface. b Illustration of the all-stacking method. c Process of four square-inch electrode transfer, AL and SL represent adhesion layer and supporting layer respectively. d Optical images […]

A new way to recycle steel could reduce the industry’s carbon footprint

From left to right: University of Toronto Ph.D. candidate Jaesuk (Jay) Paeng stands next to Professor Gisele Azimi and holds the team’s newly designed electrochemical cell that can withstand temperatures up to 1600 degrees Celsius while electrochemically removing contaminants from steel using slag-based electrolyte. Credit: Safa Jinje / University of Toronto Engineering University of Toronto […]

A shift in energy planning—using models in a different way

The new Empa campus in Dübendorf and the recently completed thermal energy storage field with 144 boreholes are a pilot plant in the EU GOES project. The aim of the project is to develop an initial application for platform-based design. Credit: Empa To meet the complex requirements of future building and energy systems, Empa researcher […]

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