Survey suggests drivers are ready to embrace wireless EV technology

Wireless charging system for EVs. Credit: Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour (2024). DOI: 10.1016/j.trf.2024.02.014 Dynamic wireless charging technology allows electric vehicles to charge while in motion, offering a promising solution to the limitations of fixed charging stations. Although it’s not available yet, how do Kiwi drivers feel about this innovative technology? A […]

Test project uses AI system to improve transit accessibility in Chattanooga

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Vanderbilt researchers have developed an innovative software system incorporating artificial intelligence that aims to improve the efficiency of public transportation for individuals with special needs. The research, led by Abhishek Dubey, associate professor of computer science and electrical and computer engineering, will be presented in a paper at the International Joint […]

Ferrari eyes electric future with solar-powered factory

Ferrari’s new factory will produce the group’s legendary combustion engine cars as well as hybrids and the firm’s first EV. Italian luxury carmaker Ferrari on Friday inaugurated a new solar-powered factory at the group’s historic Maranello site, where its much anticipated wholly electric car should be produced from 2026. The factory, covering 42,500 square meters […]

AI system successfully operates 16-ton forest machine

The Xt28 concept forwarder on an obstacle course at Skogforsk Troëdsson Forestry Teleoperation Lab. The forestry machine weighs 16 tonnes, has six wheels on hydraulically controlled pendulum arms and two steered centre joints. This gives the vehicle great freedom of movement in difficult terrain but makes the vehicle more challenging to control than a conventional […]

How vehicle size impacts others in a crash

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain We’re seeing more big cars on our roads, especially large wagon-style vehicles with a four- or all-wheel drive, known as sport utility vehicles or SUVs. For every passenger car sold in Australia, almost three SUVs are sold. Vehicles such as pickup trucks, large utes, minivans and SUVs tend to offer more […]

AI copilots set to engage the future of air combat

The X-62A Variable Stability In-Flight Simulator Test Aircraft, or VISTA, flies over Palmdale, California, on Aug. 26, 2022. The APL-supported Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Air Combat Evolution program used the VISTA to test and evaluate artificial intelligence and autonomy. Credit: U.S. Air Force/Kyle Brasier The future of military conflict is inseparable from the development […]

France’s SNCF to offer high-speed passenger links in Italy

Italians look set to enjoy France’s TGV. French national rail operator SNCF said Wednesday it planned to offer high-speed passenger services in neighboring Italy from 2026, competing with rival Trenitalia on its home turf. “Italy is a natural market for high speed, with 56 million passengers per year,” said Alain Krakovitch, head of intercity TGV […]

Ford says to cut 1,600 more jobs at Valencia factory

Last year, Ford cut around 1,100 jobs at its Valencia factory in eastern Spain. US carmaker Ford on Friday said it would seek to cut another 1,600 jobs at its factory near Valencia in eastern Spain, where it already axed 1,100 positions last year. “At the factory, there is currently a surplus of around 1,600 […]

Thefts of charging cables pose yet another obstacle to appeal of electric vehicles

A Tesla supercharging location is seen on Kipling Street, June 3, 2024 in Houston. Charging stations have been hit particularly hard by thieves who likely want to sell the highly conductive copper wiring inside the cables at near-record prices. But authorities and charging company officials say similar thefts are increasing across the U.S. as more […]

AI-assisted status monitoring of port vehicles optimizes logistics processes

The first environmentally friendly, hybrid straddle carriers in the Port of Hamburg operate at HHLA’s Tollerort Terminal (CTT) and are manufactured by Konecranes Noel. Credit: Dr. Thomas Koch, HHLA/Dr. Thomas Koch Together with industry partners, the University of Bremen has developed an innovative, AI-supported status monitoring system for port vehicles in the “KISS” research project. […]

Algorithms in the Arctic: Removing bad weather from images to make Arctic shipping safer

Researchers collect ice samples, while colleagues on board the research ship Kronprins Haakon keep watch for polar bears. Credit: Daniel Albert, SINTEF Arctic shipping traffic is on the increase. One day, these ships will be autonomous. New technology that can remove rain, snow and fog from the images produced by the ship’s cameras and sensors […]

Canada faces scourge of rising car thefts

Police in Canada believe many stolen vehicles are shipped overseas through the Port of Montreal, seen here, for sale. Montreal-area resident Zachary Siciliani discovered recently that his car had simply disappeared—likely in one of a rash of vehicle thefts in Canada. The crime trend, which the Insurance Bureau of Canada has dubbed a “national crisis,” […]

BYD says to build second EU factory despite EV slowdown

BYD’s Stella Li shrugged off a European Union inquiry that could lead to tariffs on Chinese EVs. Chinese electric vehicle giant BYD is still committed to building a second factory in Europe and will roll out hybrid cars as the EV market slows down, a group executive told AFP. Stella Li, vice president for Europe […]

US forges new ‘battery belt’ in hopes of electric future

EV fast-charger manufacturer Kempower is investing around $40 million in North Carolina, with a facility in Durham. Growing up, Devante Cuthbertson assumed he might have to leave his North Carolina hometown to pursue a career, but a new multi-billion-dollar Toyota battery plant is offering him a reason to stay put. The 28-year-old from Greensboro is […]

BMW says EU probe into China EV subsidies against free trade

German automakers have invested heavily in China in recent decades. The chief executive of German luxury carmaker BMW on Wednesday warned the European Union’s investigation into Chinese electric car subsidies runs counter to free trade. The EU launched the inquiry last year, fearing that Chinese subsidies are a threat to Europe’s own vast automotive industry. […]

Japanese auto giant Toyota posts record net profit

Toyota’s earnings have been boosted by a weak yen and brisk sales, particularly of hybrid vehicles. Toyota reported record annual net profit of more than $30 billion on Wednesday but the world’s largest automaker by sales warned that the current year would be less spectacular. Helped by a weak yen and strong hybrid vehicle sales, […]

Global car giants seek tech allies in China’s cutthroat EV market

A number of foreign firms have announced tech partnerships un China as they try to get a hold in the world’s biggest electric vehicle market. Struggling foreign automakers in China are looking for help from local tech giants to try to stay competitive in the world’s biggest electric car market, where shiny smart screens, assisted […]

Tesla to cut hundreds more jobs in Musk cost push: Report

Tesla is cutting hundreds of more jobs in part of Elon Musk’s latest cost-cutting push. Tesla plans hundreds of additional job cuts beyond a recent company-wide layoff as it cracks down on costs in a tough electric vehicle market, according to a US media report. Elon Musk’s EV company, which moved earlier this month to […]

Voice at the wheel: Study introduces an encoder-decoder framework for AI systems

CAVG is structured around an Encoder-Decoder framework, comprising encoders for Text, Emotion, Vision, and Context, alongside a Cross-Modal encoder and a Multimodal decoder. Credit: Communications in Transportation Research, Tsinghua University Press Recently, the team led by Professor Xu Chengzhong and Assistant Professor Li Zhenning from the University of Macau’s State Key Laboratory of Internet of […]

Tesla wins key China security clearance during Musk visit

Tesla CEO Elon Musk gets off a minibus before boarding his private plane at Beijing airport. Tesla received a key security clearance from China during owner Elon Musk’s whistlestop visit to the world’s biggest electric car market, which wrapped up on Monday. The tech billionaire arrived on Sunday for his second trip to China in […]

China’s EV giant BYD misses Q1 revenue estimates

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Major Chinese electric carmaker BYD reported lower-than-expected revenue for the first quarter of 2024 on Monday, as an aggressive domestic price war and Western regulatory pressure weighed on the company’s growth. BYD posted an operating revenue of 124.94 billion yuan ($17.25 billion) for the first three months of the year, up […]

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