Paper power: Origami technology makes its way into quadcopters

In this study, researchers developed a self-folding origami gripper that abruptly changes conformation when force is applied. By mounting this low-cost and biodegradable structure on top of a quadcopter, it is possible to hold onto and carry objects from one place to another in a convenient way. Credit: Hiroki Shigemune from Shibaura Institute of Technology; […]

Trotting robots reveal emergence of animal gait transitions

Guillaume Bellegarda, Milad Shafiee and Auke Ijspeert. Credit: EPFL/Jamani Caillet—CC-BY-SA 4.0 A four-legged robot trained with machine learning by EPFL researchers has learned to avoid falls by spontaneously switching between walking, trotting, and pronking—a milestone for roboticists as well as biologists interested in animal locomotion. With the help of a form of machine learning called […]

Researchers use ChatGPT for choreographies with flying robots

Prof. Angela Schoellig. Credit: Technical University Munich Prof. Angela Schoellig from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) uses ChatGPT to develop choreographies for swarms of drones to perform along to music. An additional safety filter prevents mid-air collisions. The researcher’s results demonstrate the first time that large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT can be […]

A six-armed robot for precision pollination

Stickbug, the six-armed precision pollination robot tasked with autonomously navigating, mapping, and pollinating bramble flowers in a greenhouse. Each arm acts as an independent greedy agent that a referee oversees to resolve inter-agent conflicts. Credit: Smith et al. Over the past decades, dozens of animal species have become extinct, while thousands of others are now […]

Built-in bionic computing: Researchers develop method to control pneumatic artificial muscles

Artificial muscles control rich soft component dynamics by using them as a computational resource. Credit: KyotoU/MEDICAL FIG. Creating robots to safely aid disaster victims is one challenge; executing flexible robot control that takes advantage of the material’s softness is another. The use of pliable soft materials to collaborate with humans and work in disaster areas […]

Researchers develop an automated benchmark for language-based task planners

Case Study of Procedural Generation Following the Command: “Put a chilled apple in the microwave.” Credit: Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute(ETRI) If instructed to “Place a cooled apple into the microwave,” how would a robot respond? Initially, the robot would need to locate an apple, pick it up, find the refrigerator, open its door, and […]

Underwater robot pioneers new energy-efficient buoyancy control

Rafe Neathery. Credit: Jeff Fitlow/Rice University A remotely operated underwater robot built by a team of Rice University engineering students pioneers a new way to control buoyancy via water-splitting fuel cells. The device, designed and constructed at the Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen over the course of a year-long senior design capstone class, offers a more […]

Study explores why human-inspired machines can be perceived as eerie

The uncanny valley: An artwork representing the recent study. Credit: Karl F. MacDorman. Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and robots are becoming increasingly advanced, exhibiting capabilities that vaguely resemble those of humans. The growing similarities between AIs and humans could ultimately bring users to attribute human feelings, experiences, thoughts, and sensations to these systems, which some […]

Swedish research project makes several advancements toward the autonomous airport of the future

A drone taking off from Örnsköldsvik Airport. Credit: SLICE A three-year research project at Mid Sweden University has made several advancements in creating the airport of the future with safe and cost-effective solutions, including autonomous measurements of the runway surface as well as more opportunities to monitor vehicles and drones at airports. “We have had […]

Why can’t robots outrun animals?

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Robotics engineers have worked for decades and invested many millions of research dollars in attempts to create a robot that can walk or run as well as an animal. And yet, it remains the case that many animals are capable of feats that would be impossible for robots that exist today. […]

Virtual sensors help aerial vehicles stay aloft when rotors fail

Chung’s group used a model of its Autonomous Flying Ambulance to test its NFFT control method. Credit: California Institute of Technology No crystal ball is needed to envision a future that engineers have in mind, one in which air taxis and other flying vehicles ferry passengers between urban locations, avoiding the growing gridlock on the […]

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