BREAKING: MicroStrategy Bought 11,931 More Bitcoin (BTC) – Here Are The Details

MicroStrategy, the company that owns the most Bitcoin in the world, purchased 11,931 more BTC. The value of the BTCs in question is around 786 million dollars. Michael Saylor, the founder of the company and a big Bitcoin bull, shared in his statement that they paid an average of $ 65,883 for the altcoins in […]

Bitcoin needs this OP code more than OP_CAT

Bitcoin’s blockchain technology has long been hailed for its decentralized nature and robust security, making it a cornerstone in the digital asset space. While Bitcoin’s primary role as a cryptocurrency is well-established, its potential as a decentralized timestamping server and global event sequencer opens up new avenues for innovation. As I often say when talking […]

Donald Trump and Son Barron Are Not Involved in DJT Solana Meme Coin, Says Roger Stone

Donald Trump’s friend and former political consultant, Roger Stone, has confirmed that neither the 45th U.S president nor his son, Barron, were involved in the DJT Solana meme coin that’s recently made headlines. This comes after DJT, a month-old meme coin, was rumored to be Trump’s official meme coin. The rumors were unsubstantiated, but speculation […]

Ripple XRP Case Update June 20: “Judge Torres Was Right On XRP”, SEC May Not Appeal

The Ripple XRP case has no latest filing, but it gained fresh perspectives after the U.S. SEC decided to close the Ethereum investigation. XRP army waits for Judge Torres’ verdict on penalties and final judgment in the remedies phase, as well as, whether the SEC to appeal Judge Torres’ summary judgment determining that XRP in […]

AI predicts Bitcoin price for July 1, 2024

As Bitcoin (BTC) continues to range in a more-or-less uninteresting trend, well below its previously attained all-time high (ATH) of $73,738 from March 14 this year, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are pessimistic regarding its price performance in the near future. Indeed, Bitcoin’s price action has slowed down in the past several weeks, […]

XRP Price To Rally 1700% If It Closes At This Level

The most recent XRP price prediction by crypto market analyst Egrag Crypto appears to have echoed a frenzy across the broader market. In a post shared on X today, the analyst spotlighted a potential 1700% price rally looming for XRP ahead. Despite the Ripple-backed crypto’s sluggish performance, the analyst’s retained bullishness on XRP has fueled […]

Weekly Cryptocurrency Market Analysis: Altcoins Return From Their Previous Highs To Chart Lows

The worst-performing altcoins are fluctuating as cryptocurrencies experience strong rejection at recent highs. Altcoins return to the bottom of the chart after falling below moving average lines. The bears are pushing altcoins into negative trend territory. Chiliz The price of Chiliz (CHZ) has fallen below the moving average lines to resume its downtrend. The altcoin […]

LayerZero (ZRO) Gains Momentum with Listings on Major Crypto Exchanges

LayerZero’s native token, ZRO, has been listed on Binance with a seed tag. Beyond Binance, ZRO has also been listed on other major exchanges like Upbit, Bybit, Bitget, OKX, and others. Despite a sluggish performance in the global cryptocurrency market over the past fortnight, new projects and developments continue to create buzz. In the queue, […]

Ethereum Price: How 30% Spike To $5,000 Could Trigger Altcoin Season

Ethereum price is at an important juncture with support at $3,400 tested and recovery above $3,600 ongoing. Bitcoin too is starting to shape the next crypto landscape this week after reclaiming ground above $65,500. With the two largest cryptocurrencies modestly in the green, investors are beginning to appreciate the sell-off as a blessing in disguise. […]

TON Surges in Popularity with Skyrocketing On-Chain Metrics

The Open Network (TON) is currently experiencing a surge in popularity, with various on-chain metrics skyrocketing. According to CryptoQuant, these metrics highlight the steady growth of TON. On-chain metrics of $TON are going parabolic! “The transfer volume ranges between $5.0B ~ $10.0B. For comparison, #Bitcoin’s average daily transfer volume is around $50.0B. This indicates that […]

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Price Rides AI Hype, Aiming for $7

Prices of AI-themed tokens, including NEAR Protocol (NEAR), are seeing notable reliefs and moving against the broader market trend. This analysis highlights the reasons for this impressive performance and what to expect of the token’s value. It is not the first time these cryptocurrencies are charting their own path. In the past, positive developments in […]

JUST IN: Major Development for FTX – FTT Price Makes a Sudden Jump

According to the latest development, Bitflyer has decided to purchase FTX’s Japanese unit. After the news emerged, there was a sudden increase in the price of FTT, the token of the FTX exchange. Minute chart showing the rise in FTT price. Its Japanese subsidiary, FTX Japan, was temporarily unable to give assets to its customers […]

Energy Giant EDF Subsidiary Joins Cronos as a Blockchain Validator

Exaion joins Cronos as a validator three months after doing the same on Chiliz Chain. Validators maintain the operation and security of a blockchain network by authorizing smart contracts and verifying transactions. A subsidiary of France’s state-owned energy company EDF has become a validator on Cronos, the blockchain network developed by crypto exchange just […]

It’s Over? Meme Coins Like Shiba Inu (SHIB) and DOGE Eye Dramatic Dominance Drop

Ki Young Ju, founder and CEO of CryptoQuant, highlighted a significant shift on the market. According to Ju, the dominance of meme coins on the altcoin market is waning, suggesting a transition from speculative gambling to a more fundamentally driven approach reminiscent of earlier market phases. This shift could mark the end of the meme […]

Bybit’s institutional investors triple ETH exposure ahead of ETF launch

The upcoming launch of the Ethereum (ETH) Spot ETF on July 1, 2024, has created a buzz in the crypto markets. This ETF is expected to bring the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization into mainstream brokerage accounts and attract institutional investors. What is the Ethereum (ETH) ETF? An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is an investment vehicle […]

Ethereum Whale Withdraws 6,127 ETH from Binance: Insights and Implications

Major Ethereum Withdrawal by “Smartest Money” A prominent Ethereum trader, known as “Smartest Money,” has recently withdrawn a substantial amount of 6,127 ETH (approximately $21.7 million) from Binance. This move has caught the attention of the crypto community, given the trader’s impressive track record. Over the past two years, “Smartest Money” has reportedly made a […]

Blast L2 Airdrop: Key Insights and Requirements Revealed Ahead of Upcoming Event

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the upcoming Blast L2 Airdrop, just a week away. The community’s recent statement sheds light on critical aspects of the event. Blast has rapidly gained prominence, ranking sixth in DeFi networks recently. Stay ahead in the crypto world with our detailed look into the upcoming Blast L2 Airdrop and its […]

Swiss National Bank Extends Successful CBDC Pilot for Two More Years!

Key Points: The Swiss National Bank extends its wholesale CBDC pilot for two more years due to “very successful” progress. The extension aims to attract more financial institutions and expand the use of wholesale CBDC in financial transactions. SNB’s move positions Switzerland as a central bank digital currency innovation leader. Antoine Martin, a member of […]

BREAKING: Binance Announces It Will List A New Altcoin On Its Futures Platform

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced that it will list Lista (LISTA) on its futures trading platform. Lista was recently airdropped to users with Binance’s new work, Megadrop, and started trading in the spot market. According to the official statement, the cryptocurrency exchange will start listing Lista in futures transactions today at 15:30 Turkey […]

LND Onion Bomb: Another Lightning Network bug put users’ bitcoin at risk

Bitcoin’s most popular layer 2, the Lightning Network, had another bug that put users’ funds at risk. Lightning scales faster and cheaper than regular bitcoin transactions by allowing users to join payment channels, therein conducting off-blockchain, ‘bar tab’-like transactions. By jotting down increases and decreases in bitcoin balances within these payment channels, Lightning users ‘send’ […]

Kraken Includes FLOKI in Perpetual Futures Trading, Bolstering Its Market Position

Kraken’s inclusion of FLOKI in Perpetual Futures Trading boosted its price by nearly 14%, reflecting increased investor interest. FLOKI’s addition to Revolut Business expands its utility as a transactional currency across Europe. FLOKI’s listing in Bitpanda Meme Coin Leaders Index and Binance Thailand enhances its global market presence and liquidity. Kraken, a leading US-based cryptocurrency […]

Is Litecoin (LTC) Heading Towards $63? Market Indicators Suggest Bearish Trend

The Litecoin network is preparing for its 2024 summit in July that will bring together web3 developers, and innovators across the industry to discuss the LTC future. Litecoin price has struggled to establish a bullish momentum above the weekly 50 MA, thus indicating further bearish pressure. Litecoin (LTC), the third largest proof-of-work (POW) secured blockchain […]

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