Bitcoin Takes a Hit, but These 3 Altcoins Are Defying the Trend

Crypto market reporter Cody Buffinton provided updates on recent developments, including Bitcoin, ONDO, and Near protocol’s market outlook. On Wednesday, Bitcoin’s price dropped to $61,000 amid news of an imminent sale by the US government.

Arkham Intelligence data revealed a US government-linked address transferred 3,940 BTC, worth $240 million, maintaining a wallet balance of 23,500 BTC ($1.3 billion). Recently, Germany also sold 900 BTC from its total transfer of 6,500 BTC. Market commentators, such as Reflexivity Research’s Will Clemente, suggest that Bitcoin’s recent large-scale outflows could be attributed to anticipated government actions.

Meanwhile, altcoins like ONDO Finance, Blast, and Near Protocol are generating positive attention. Although ONDO experienced an 18% price drop after reaching $148 on June 3, on-chain data indicates a potential bullish trend. ONDO’s realized cap, currently at $1.15 billion, indicates a support level, while its market cap of $1.7 billion suggests that the bulls could continue.

Moreover, Near Protocol (NEAR) has posted impressive performance metrics and growth in 2024. NEAR’s total value locked (TVL) tripled from $90.7 million in January to $324.5 million in June. Additionally, the network’s monthly transaction volume has surged, further evidenced by a substantial increase in bridged inflows. Near Protocol has also witnessed a surge in new wallets from approximately 96,000 in Q1 2023 to nearly 18.4 million in Q2 2024.

Furthermore, the newly launched Blast layer 2 blockchain experienced a 20% price increase, debuting at 2 cents and reaching a fully diluted value (FDV) of $2 billion.

In other market developments, Web3 entertainment company Creta World announced its upcoming debut on Philippine exchange on July 8th. Creta aims to offer NFT-gaining solutions, including intuitive game creation services that allow users to design and monetize their creations. Additionally, layer-1 blockchain Sui has partnered with Copper, a leading digital asset custody company, to improve custody infrastructure in its ecosystem.

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