Base Announces the Implementation of the Multi-Chain Prep Update

Base, a famous Ethereum L2 chain offering a cost-effective, secure, and developer-friendly environment for on-chain development, has announced a new move. As per the company, it has effectively executed the Multi-Chain Prep update to reach near the establishment of a Superchain with interoperability. The platform revealed this endeavor on its official social media account on X.

Today, we implemented the Multi-Chain Prep upgrade that takes us one step closer to an interoperable Superchain

Chains that have completed this upgrade will all run the same code under the hood, enabling consistent upgrades and strengthening security

— Base (@base) June 28, 2024

Base Implements the Exclusive Multi-Chain Prep Update

In its latest X post, the firm revealed the result of the respective initiative. In addition to this, it also pointed toward the chains having accomplished the respective upgrade. According to it, those chains will operate the same code. This will reportedly enable continuous upgrades along with fortifying the security. Apart from that, the platform also shared the proposal for this upgrade.

Optimism Foundation, an Ethereum-based L2 blockchain solution, released that upgrade proposal. It revealed that the upgrade improves the upgradability and security of the Superchain. For this purpose, it lets L1 contracts upgrade across several chains via just one transaction. The proposal permits diverse chains to focus on one smart contract implementation.

This streamlines the deployment procedure and simplifies the upgrade procedure. It reportedly plays a crucial role in the case of emergency upgrade transfers. Such transactions enhance the hazard of exploitation when a vulnerability emerges in a smart contract. Additionally, the upgrade expands the SystemConfig to comprise the contract addresses in the network.

The Upgrade Offers Atomic Upgrades Across the Chains

Hence, the developers leverage a better experience by permitting the consumers to delve into the contract addresses of the system. The proposal also discussed the rare situation of a critical security problem. As per it, in such a case, the platform will partner with its community. In this respect, it will extensively communicate about the abortion of the upgrade. The upgrade reportedly offers atomic upgrades across the chains. It also minimizes the likely exploitation hazards.

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