BIS urges central banks to adopt AI to mitigate economic and financial risks

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has called on central banks to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) in anticipation of its significant impact on the economy and financial system. In a pre-released chapter of its upcoming Annual Economic Report for 2024, the BIS emphasized that the widespread adoption of AI could affect inflation trends and urged […]

This Historical Ethereum Top Signal Is Yet To Appear This Cycle

On-chain data suggests this signal that has historically occurred around Ethereum peaks has yet to appear in the current cycle. Ethereum Foundation Wallets Haven’t Made Large Outflows This Cycle So Far In a new post on X, the market intelligence platform IntoTheBlock has discussed a pattern that Ethereum has witnessed alongside its previous market peaks. […]

Toncoin (TON) Becomes Strongest Cryptocurrency on Market, Watch This Shiba Inu (SHIB) Level for Reversal, Solana (SOL) Price Rebounds to $150

Toncoin is probably the biggest dark horse the cryptocurrency market has ever seen. The asset has shown enormous growth since the beginning of the year and still maintains an unbreakable uptrend despite Bitcoin’s drop below $58,000. Toncoin has increased steadily since the beginning of 2024. The cryptocurrency has drawn attention from the market due to […]

The Two Reasons Bitcoin’s Price Is Taking A Beating: Bitwise

Bitcoin’s price took a steep tumble early this week, driving over $300 million in crypto market liquidations in a single day. Why the sudden volatility? Gayatri Choudhury, Quantitative Research Analyst at Bitwise, says there have been two key drivers of the selloff – and neither relates to the Bitcoin ETFs. Miners Are Dumping The analyst […]

Bitcoin Price Rebound Sees Shorts Rekt as Crypto Market Recovers

After a rough start to the week, Tuesday brought a modest rebound across the crypto market, with nearly every single token in the top 100 coins by market cap seeing gains over the prior day. But the upward bump has triggered over $92 million in liquidations in the past 24 hours—$62 million in short positions, […]

SEC chair Gensler criticizes crypto sector for non-compliance and ‘high centralization’

SEC chair Gary Gensler reaffirmed previous criticisms of the crypto industry, stating that the sector is highly centralized with “significant non-compliance” in a Bloomberg interview on June 25. He downplayed decentralization in the sector, stating that a few platforms are “centralizing and in jail or awaiting jail, adding: “I say this and you giggle…but this […]

Solana Eyes $200 Rebound As New Adoption-Driving Technology Debuts

The Solana Foundation recently launched two new tools to facilitate the integration of Web3 capabilities into mainstream platforms and the adoption of blockchain. In a series of social media posts, the foundation launched “Actions” and “Blockchain Links” (Blinks), which, according to the announcement, is a step forward in allowing developers to build blockchain functionality into […]

Greenfinch rebrands to Cassette, relaunches Dropbox-like app built on new codebase

Greenfinch, a decentralized storage solution that utilizes the Neo blockchain and NeoFS, will be known going forward as Cassette. The co-founders cite inspiration from the ethos of the cypherpunks, emphasizing privacy, anonymity, and security, which influenced decentralized technology like blockchain and distributed storage networks. The new brand reflects this spirit, building on the sharing of […]

The ETH Price Is At 100-Day EMA: What’s Next Rebound Or Reduction?

1 Ethereum (ETH) price witnessed a falling wedge pattern on the charts. 2 The ETH price retested its most important 100-day EMA mark yesterday. The second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum (ETH), traded in the bearish wave and continued to erode gains for the past few trading sessions. Since the end of May 2024, the sentiments in […]

Could Gensler’s War on Crypto Hurt Biden? ‘I Don’t Speak About Elections’, SEC Chair Says

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Gary Gensler on Tuesday refused to comment on the upcoming U.S. presidential election or crypto’s potential impact on it. “I don’t speak about elections,” he said while speaking at the Bloomberg Invest Summit, when asked about the intersection of cryptocurrency and politics. He was addressing questions about former President […]

Moody’s Issues Statement on the Possible FED Rate Cut

Moody’s Analytics Chief Economist Mark Zandi, in his latest interview with Bloomberg Television, expressed his belief that the FED should start reducing interest rates due to the slowing economy. Zandi pointed out that GDP growth, which was 2.5% last year, was 1.5% on an annual basis in the first half of the year. This is […]

UK’s young voters call for ‘crypto’ to be moved up the political agenda

Ahead of the general election, more than a third of young adults believe the growth of the “crypto” sector should be a key consideration for politicians, with four in ten considering it vital for the U.K.’s economic growth prospects. Amidst growing adoption, a similar figure (32%) say they have concerns about the sector’s future prospects […]

On the Margin Newsletter: If you’re watching the Fed, look at unemployment

Today, enjoy the On the Margin newsletter on Tomorrow, get the news delivered directly to your inbox. Subscribe to the On the Margin newsletter. Welcome to the On the Margin Newsletter, brought to you by Ben Strack, Casey Wagner and Felix Jauvin. Here’s what we unpack in today’s edition: Why inflation is the wrong […]

Is the Bitcoin Bottom In? Here’s What Experts Say

On the rollercoaster ride that’s Bitcoin’s price, crypto-market participants may be wondering if the latest dip was stomach-churning enough, as the asset ratchets back up to $62,000. Bitcoin saw some relief on Tuesday, following an especially precipitous day. But the asset has mostly tumbled throughout the month of June. Swooping down from $71,000 amid a […]

Executives of China’s Largest Security Company Arrested for Stealing This Altcoin

Some executives of 360, China’s largest security company, were sentenced to three years in prison and their probation periods were extended. The charges included exploiting the Yapi remote code execution vulnerability to gain unauthorized access to a cryptocurrency website and, surprisingly, stealing the 3015.9 Dash (DASH) altcoin. The detailed scheme was revealed between February 9-20, […]

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