Chelsea Handler Reacts To Tucker Carlson & More Right-Wing Pundits Decrying Her ‘Childless Woman’ Comedy Video

Chelsea Handler is happy to take on her haters.

The comedian shared a video responding to some of the political reaction she got for her “Daily Show” sketch depicting “A Day In the Life of a Childless Woman”.

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In the sketch, Handler proudly talks about “doing whatever the f**k I feel like,” like doing a meditation session on the plane “since I have no screaming kids” and developing super powers.

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But apparently jokingly taking pleasure in having no kids to look after was a bridge too far for Tucker Carlson and other right-wing pundits.

“The point is to make you feel good about being an aging, deeply unlikable woman who never had kids,” Carlson said.

His guest, Jessy Kelly, slammed Handlers as someone teaching every woman that they are a “girl boss” who has been “lied to by their society,” and throwing in some sexist jokes about women drivers.

In another clip, pundit Ben Shapiro claimed that Handler appeared “miserable.”


“I woke up this morning… Well, more like afternoon, and noticed that there was an emergency meeting of the receding hairline society to discuss a comedy video I filmed about not wanting kids,” Handler responded.

“Why would I even need my own children when I get to hear these crybabies all the time?” she joked.

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Handler went on to talk about all her accomplishments, including her best-selling books and Netflix special, proving her girl boss status.

“You guys seem so triggered by me,” she said. “I Mean, my goodness Tucker, I think it is time for you to ask yourself a serious question: Are you really upset about how much freedom I have or are you upset that you haven’t been able to take it away from me yet?”

Reacting to Shapiro, she crudely joked about his voice being better than birth control, joking, “I don’t need a husband, Ben, because I’m in a relationship with myself. And at least in my relationship someone can get a woman to c**.”

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