‘That ’90s Show’ Star Reyn Doi Talks Coming-Out Episode, Working With OG Cast & More

With the recent news that “That ’90s Show” has been renewed for a second season, ET Canada spoke with Reyn Doi, who plays Ozzie on the show.

As Doi confirmed, learning of a second season was thrilling for the cast of the Netflix spin-off of “That ’70s Show”.

“It was really exciting,” said Doi. “So a couple of days before it was announced on social media, our showrunner Greg [Mettler] kind of texted everyone to join a Zoom meeting and he liked to do like regular check ins on the cast, make sure they’re okay and how they’re handling all the publicity. So we all thought it was like that. But when we all logged on, they wouldn’t let us all in because they wanted all of us to be led in at one. And they were recording the meeting. So at that point I was just like, ‘Okay. So we got picked up.”

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One of the first season’s most memorable episodes featured Ozzie coming out as gay, and Doi admitted it definitely struck a chord with viewers.

“When the [episode] came out, a lot of the Twitter messaging or just, in general, messaging on social media was, you know, ‘Thank you for telling that story because I was in that position in the ’90s. And that’s exactly how I felt. And I didn’t feel as comfortable. So thank you for sharing my story,” he shared.

He also opened up about what it was like to work with the original cast members who returned to guest star in the spin-off.

“Even if we didn’t have a scene with them, being able to watch them perform, it was really, you know, it adds some knowledge to you,” he said.


In fact, he revealed, Mila Kunis was particularly welcoming to the new cast members.

“When we were filming the pilot, Mila was, you know, going from door to door, just kind of checking in on everyone. I think she was asking the [actors’] moms questions or something like that,” he recalled.

“And I guess she thought I was in my dressing room, but I was in the school room across the hall. And so, you know, I heard a knock, [but assumed it was] someone getting me to go to set. And so my mom answered the door because she went in the room and all of a sudden [I heard a] scream from across the hall. And it was my mom, because she was so like starstruck that Mila was like, in front of her because, like, we knew Mila was there, but we never knew who was going to come to our dressing room. And then I went over across the hall, and then I was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s Mila.’”

“That ’90s Show” is streaming on Netflix now.

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