Queen Latifah Says She Refuses Jobs That Ask Her To Lose Weight In An ‘Unhealthy’ Way: ‘I Practice My Nos’

Queen Latifah is practicing self-care.

The actress spoke to People about the importance of advocating for herself when it comes to selecting roles. When it comes to jobs, she doesn’t mind making adjustments to her weight, but for her it’s a matter of doing it in a “healthy way”.

“Health is most important to me. It’s not about losing weight or gaining weight. When I want to lose weight, or gain weight, I know how to do it in a healthy way,” Latifah said. “So if I have to do something that is going to be completely unhealthy for me, then that’s not the job for me. Someone else should have that job that’s already there… It’s called No.”

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In fact, to ensure she doesn’t have difficulty with denying roles that would require her to risk her health, she says: “I practice my nos. I go in the mirror and I say, no, no, no, no, like 20 times. And that’s it,” she added. “I need to be okay with me. If I’m okay then I feel like I can do anything. But if I’m not okay, I have to say something. Like, it’s time to take a break, stop, cut.”

Ever since the “scary” moment her doctor revealed to Latifah she “falls into the obese category”, she’s made her health a priority. It’s why she teamed up with the company Novo Nordisk for their “It’s Bigger Than Me” campaign which wants to change the conversation around obesity.

“We need to change the conversation. We need to change the culture, we need to change the stigma that’s involved in it,” the rapper said. “Let’s just get real with it. And then let’s back it up with some information that can empower you to do something about it, or change your mentality about it.”

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After years in Hollywood and facing scrutiny and judgment for her weight, the actress finally feels at a place where she’s practicing safe and healthy habits for herself.

“I know what I’m doing now,” Latifah said. “I know the difference between right and wrong for that matter, for me. I know when I’m going to have some fun with food and know when I’m going to chill.”

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